Perspective. Precision. Passion.

Our Focus

Smyth Family Lawyers has offices in Canberra, Sydney and Parramatta and offers a wide range of family law services led by Principal Bernadette Smyth (Berni).

As an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Berni is highly experienced and has prepared some of Australia’s largest and most complex family law cases.

A respected advocator and alternate dispute practitioner, Berni takes pride in helping clients achieve the best possible outcome, tailored to their personal circumstances.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Berni, marathon effort much appreciated!

Ana S (surname withheld for privacy reasons)

Thank you again, you have been a part of most of the significant parts of the litigation for my child and I feel many of the court’s good decisions in relations to her care have stemmed from your work. I will always be grateful that I had you on my side. I am also very great full that you have been more than fair with me when it comes to your costs.

Kevin M (surname withheld for privacy reasons)

I am very grateful for your words of wisdom and encouragement; it means a lot.

John B (surname withheld for privacy reasons)

Our Values


Every family is unique, so you need a partner with perspective. Our 30 years of legal experience ensure that we explore every possible outcome for your matter to find the best fit for your future.


Our experience allows us to quickly and precisely diagnose the key issues that have the greatest impact on your future. This precision means we avoid unnecessary delays and costs by focusing on what really matters.


Your family comes first and we never lose sight of that. We know what’s at stake and how much it matters to you. That passion for finding the best outcome possible is what motivates our team and sets our practice apart.

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